Name: Rhys Jenkins
Business: BSC Fitness, Oxfordshire

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What did Rhys have to say:

“Being able to focus on other areas of the business whilst the leads were coming in is such a weight off your shoulders… If anyone is feeling a bit sceptical about joining FMA, I would say to do it, to try it, because you don’t realise how many people out there looking for help until you can truly capture them and speak to them on the phone!”

Rhys came out of University wanting to help as many people as he could through 1-1 personal training which moved into group training. Rhys realised the importance of having a community and could see how much people thrived in the environment so he opened his first gym.

Rhys was very aware of corporate gyms opening up around him and wanted to give himself the advantage which is why he joined FMA.

Rhys knew that his leads had been drying up and wanted to have the time to focus on his product and service so joining FMA took a weight off his shoulders. Not only having a consistent flow of leads but being able to utilise the sales training and referral campaigns alongside other services FMA provides allowed Rhys to fully focus on getting his coaching product to the highest standard possible.

He also reached so many new people with FMA’s marketing campaigns increasing his reach, his influence and gaining a lot of members who would have otherwise been picked up by the big corporate gyms.

In his first marketing campaign with FMA, Rhys received 116 application leads and on his first three days of switching it on, he was making around 15 sales per day which was a game changer for Rhys’ business. FMA’s sales training has given Rhys the confidence to jump on a call to any lead that comes through and sell the prospective client, giving him the ability to help so many more people.